Phobos Zul'jin

  • Players get 2 different marks during this fight, either from boss, abilities or standing close to a player with opposite mark.
  • The Frost Mark does dmg and reduces movement speed, and stacks.
  • The Toxic does dmg and reduce healing received, and stacks.
  • The raid must divide in two groups, frost and toxic (ranged and melee).
  • Melee must stand on tank with same debuff since the boss ability on tank must be shared.
  • Random players gets an Overflow debuff, that makes them fart out a pool after 7 seconds, so run behind raid and place it there, stack with players with the same debuff.
  • When a player is targeted with frostshock bolt, opposite player debuff must stand infront.
  • When boss reaches 100 energy, she shoots bolts in a circle around it. Some of the bolts are frost, and some are poison. Players hit gets that Mark Debuff that hits them. Pay attention what color the bolt is (blue for frost, yellow/green for toxic).Move fast to the bolt that hits you with the same mark debuff that you have.